UK Masterpiece-MG Brand
Established 85 years

85-year can be a long chronicle, but it still can't cover the connotation of MG brand. 85-year is quite short, so that MG brand can be summarized into one sentence; that is, the core value, namely, Character, Chrisma, Creativity underlies MG's band commitment Make the difference.

MG's Character not only lies in the unique product design, but also communicates its distinctive product philosophy ahead of its time.

MG's Chrisma is embodied by the unique car making concept Always Look Forwards and its motto Passion with Big Ideas. MG's Creativity originates from the open-minded attitude Think Different, the assertive style Make things happen, and the persevering pursuit of Ultimate Self-Value.

Let us follow this brand manual and enter MG's world teeming with character, quality and creativity. Let us make the difference in company with MG !