Art of Car

FAST is much more than driving fast. It’s more about “time is running fast�?. It means a brave design that excites the eyes, creativity that inspires more enjoyment, and freedom on the road that speeds up your heart beat.

UK Design
Inherited from the UK Sporty Style, MG brand has been committed to dedicating classical sporty car models to car lovers, and laying solid foundation for the eminence of the British sports car in the world automobile industry. Whether judged by design or performance, MG is a well-recognized model in the British car marking industry.

MG model is an embodiment of century-old British aesthetics. With MG's design, aerodynamics has raised the bar for air esthetics. With the curved look and the sense of speed, MG model is a perfect interpretation of the elegant but passionate sports exclusively for British Gentlemen. Upon glancing over MG classic cars, you will be in touch with the feelings, namely, smooth, dynamic, elegant and distinctive.

Control holds the key to the sheer pleasure of driving. Excessive power is like an untamed horse, so MG series has been questing for Passionate Driving with Great Ease. MG has a complete mastery of the car-marking art. Over the past 85 year, MG has been not only committed to exploring the potential of car engine, but also coming emphasis on honing the control system, making the two aspects a perfect balance. It can be safely concluded that the ultimate driving pleasure enjoyed by millions of MG owner derives from the supercharged power and its absolute confidence.

UK Design is the origin of MG brand and its strong R & D capacity. MG technical team is comprised of 260 seasoned engineers with average 20 years experience, among which there are top specialists who used to work for MG Rover and Power Train Limited. Led by the former Chief Designer of BMW MINI and Jaguar Engine, these world class specialists continue the leading R & D capacity of MG brand. SAIC Motor UK Technical Center Limited, based in the famed car city Longbridge, is not only equipped with the most cutting-edge R & D equipments, but also integrated with the wisdom of many industry specialists, putting UK design into car-making practice.