MG Owners

I can spot an MG without its badge hanging in front. An MG is not merely a vehicle taking you from one place to another. It gives you a sense of modernity and delight. It tempts you to drive and own it, to take pleasure from it.


A true character is the nature demonstration of the innermost passion, with the inherent longing for uniqueness, and the persevering pursuit of self-value. MG's character is not the simple quest for difference, but an insight into the feeling of staying true to ourselves.

As for chrisma, a British gentleman with good demeanor can be wild and crazy on speedway. For this reason, MG brand, as the representative of the UK automobile industry, is born with the UK chrisma. MG' s chrisma is the dogged persistence to be exceptional and also the presentation of its sheer confidence.

Over the past 85 years, it is the creativity that earns MG's century-old reputation. The acclaimed creativity lies in the distinctive vision and concept, and no compromise over mediocrity.