Classic & Evolution

A true masterpiece captures admiration from all angles. Just close your eyes and hear the beauty roar like a beast. Just a glance and you know the smooth operation is unique. Every detail is a symbol of its British style.


MG6 New Standard Car
Innovation is a kind of persistence. MG's creativity lies in the courage to go off the beaten track and establish the new standard for the automobile industry. MG6 is another practice of the car-making concept. MG6 is not only an embodiment of the century-old British aesthetics, but also a major breakthrough in many aspects. MG6 integrates the features of sedan and hatchback, therefore, a fusion of pleasing layout and a discernible sense of space.

The classical design Fastback that streamlined roofline slopes down to the bumper has been applied into the eye-catching car model, no more a privilege for high-end sports car. Therefore, MG pioneers the integration between Fastback design and vehicle in the industry. At the same time, MG6 incorporates MG's space design concept M.I.M ( MG Innovative Maximum ), and makes air esthetics compatible with space efficiency, achieving a perfect balance between streamlined shape and passenger space. Furthermore, with the concerted efforts of SAIC Motor UK Technical Center Limited and SAIC Motor's Lingang Manufacturing Base, MG 6 is endowed with top-line quality and cutting edge manufacturing process.