MG History

When I turned 18, dad lent me his favourite MG and put me in the spotlight at the party. How can I forget that wonderful day?! MG has got magic on me. I felt my heart beat faster on the road. I felt so proud showing off grandpa’s vintage MG. I was just so excited about it.


MG ( Morris Garages) is the founder of the British automobile industry, not only boasting 85 years' history and the largest owner's club in the world, but also holding the titles of Creator of the Fastest Vehicle in the World, the Best-Selling Vehicle in the World and the Best Sports Car Producer, etc.MG, as the best reprehensive of the UK automobile industry, not only makes the British automobile industry a difference, but also has significant leverage in the US Sports Car Movement. Hence, MG brand history is the chronicle of the world automobile industry. However, today's glory and pride starts from that legendary year……

In March 1924, William Morris, founder of the British automobile industry, subsequently knighted as Lord Nuffield, launched the world first 4-door car with central chassis, creating the legendary course of MG. In the same year, MG launched the 14/28 roadster. With MG General Manager Cecil Kimber joining the design process, the sports car fills the gap in the UK sports car market.

From 1930 till 1935, MG rolled out the ultra-popular car model MMM, and grabbed numerous champions in the significant car racing events, demonstrating its supercharged power and performance-oriented technical strength.

In 1955, MGA sports car enjoyed the international fame with an amazing sales volume up to 100,000.

In the 1960s, MG launched the classical car model 1100/1300, creating a sales record of 175,000. In 1980s, MG launched the popular car model Metro, providing the ultimate driving pleasure for the worldwide 142,000 MG owners.

In 1990s, MGF is hailed as one of the Best Mass-Production Sports Car in UK.

In 2000, MG launched the classical car models, such as MG TF etc, and these cars become the best-selling sports car across the world. To date, MG racing car has been commonly found in the significant car racing event, such as 24 Hours of Lemans etc, creating an impressive record of achievements.