MG 6 Product Details

To follow trends and settle for mediocrity, or to break out and rise to be the new standard? The brand new MG6, with a Fast-Back design once exclusive to deluxe sports cars, has toppled the stereotypical definition of a hatchback or sedan. Boasting 1379 litres of dynamic and optimized interior space, a 429-L ultra-deep luggage space, a 2705 mm ultra-long wheelbase rarely seen in cars of its class, and a 50:50 weight distribution with the front and rear in perfect balance, the new MG6 provides an outstanding mix of performance and control, creating a whole new set of standards for inter-medium cars.

    Who can think outside of the box? Who can create the latest fashion? MG6 Fast-Back, with its British style and glamour, has raised the bar of aerodynamics to new heights, endowing every single line of its body with a vivacity excelling the works of nature. Even more, its revolutionary 1:1:2 compartment ratio combines the smooth curves of a hatchback with the generous space of a sedan. The conventional boundaries between a hatchback and a sedan have been redrawn and a new styling standard for inter-medium cars is born!

    Who can explore its interior potential under the dynamic skin? Who can reveal the unlimited potential of space below the limited confines? The brand new British-style MG6 Fast-Back design, featuring an uninterrupted clean line extending all the way from the roofline to the tail, innovatively reconciles aerodynamic aesthetics with efficient use of space. The unique M.I.M(MG Innovative Maximum)concept results in a 429-L ultra-deep luggage space and 1379 litres of dynamic and optimized interior space. In combination with a 2705-mm ultra-long wheelbase that is rarely seen in its class, the space potential is utilized to the maximum, leading to a breakthrough in both driving experience and storage capacity, creating a new standard for interior space!

    Who can turn the air into a secret weapon for precise handling? Who can make the air pave the way for a smoother ride? The brand new British-style MG6 Fast-Back not only minimizes air resistance, but also creates superb down-force, thereby enhancing the stability of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the front and rear weight distribution is at the golden ratio of 50:50, giving the vehicle a handling balance sought after by the most demanding drivers. A new interpretation of "driver’s car" has been made and a new standard for driving experience is created!


    Flight-grade precision instruments beyond your reach? Not necessarily. Inspired by the display system in a private jet, the MG6 Flight-Instrument real-time pilot dashboard features a unique white back-light with a strong touch of futurism combined with sculptured precision display, delivering a driving experience similar to flying in the air. Real-time vehicle information, operating conditions and warning messages are placed in the centre of the dashboard featuring an ergonomic design theme with a highly user-friendly view.

    Sophisticated functionality not compatible with the beauty of simplicity? Not necessarily. A T-shaped centre stack design fills the driving compartment with a sense of movement, while effectively communicating vital information to the driver, thanks to its user-friendly layout.


    Driving thrills never combine with fuel economics? Not necessarily. A 1.8T aluminium super charged TCI engine releases overwhelming power by taking advantage of the TCI-Tech, which enables a top speed of 205 km/h. The MFi engine multiple injection technology significantly increases the fuel efficiency and works perfectly with the AW 5AT Tiptronic manumatic transmission, delivering power seamlessly.

    Professional driving thrills can only be found on F1 tracks? Not necessarily. The Paddle Shift technology derived from an F1 racing car steering wheel brings an unparalleled sense of smoothness and thrill with just a slight touch of your fingers.


    Multiple systems cannot operate as smoothly as one? Not necessarily. Thanks to the real-time assistance provided by the highly integrated CTC central drive computer, the Multi-Core Bus vehicle management system truly consolidates different core systems to achieve integrated management of vehicle features. While the reliability of information communication is remarkably enhanced, a new concept of self-stabilizing drive management is also implemented, bringing the human-vehicle interface closer than ever.

    More formats, more difficult to be perfectly compatible with all? Not necessarily. The Multi-Format multimedia information interaction system links various audio/-video devices in the vehicle, making them your personal driving information centre thanks to its high-compatibility system.


    Even Homer sometimes nods? Not necessarily. The SCSII nine-in-one smart safety system has now created a new safety standard with nine layers of highly integrated systems including BA brake assistance system, BDC automatic brake disc cleaning system, TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system, ABS anti-braking system, EBD electronic brake force distribution system, CBC cornering brake control system, MSR anti-slip system, TCS traction control system and VSC vehicle stability control system.

    A perfect safety level only co-exists with perfect drive conditions? Not necessarily. Equipped with a smart optical rain sensor and speed-sensing flat-blade wipers, the intelligent system adapts to all driving conditions. It is specially designed to ensure safe handling of the vehicle in all harsh environments.