MG Owners

The destination is never my goal. I prefer to follow my feelings and seek wonders on the way. Let me put it this way: it’s all these experiences that make my personal story like no other.

What are MG owners like ?
They are unique, and hard to be classified into a general group. No compromise over mediocrity, but with confidence in showcasing their own life, is their basic philosophy, making them stand out among the crowd.

They are open-minded and exceptionally creative. Their free mindsets make them become the pioneer of their time; because they hate to follow suite and long to set up their own standards and become the fashion leaders.

They are confident in their quality and stance, holding the philosophy that everyone has the capacity to change the world; everyone can be venerated by others. They are sensitive to the fashion, hoping that they can have leverage in the evolution of the fashion.

MG Club
The legendary Silverstone circuit, over 100 racing cars, 4000 MG cars, thousands of hard-core car fans and 100,000 ordinary spectators charge the 59th anniversary of the founding of MG Car Club with the unrivalled charisma.

Founded in 1930s, MG Car Club has blossomed into the world largest owner club of single car brand with over 1 million MG fans. The club is based in Abingdon (the original site of MG Auto Company) is the Mecca for MG fans across the world.

The reason why MG Car Club can develop into the world largest car owner club is attributed to the efforts of MG Fans. MG fans are a well-known group for their passion about cars. For example, there is a British family with each member a 100% MG fan, and has a wide range collection of MG cars; to well keep these collection, they remold their 4 bedrooms and one garage into 4 garages and one bedroom, hailed as the most famed family of MG lovers.