MG GS Product Details

MG’s evolving range represents thrill and adventure while the brand’s innovative designs is reflected in the all-new MG GS. The GS aesthetic was influenced by various cultural elements of British-style.

Due to its design, style and muscular appearance, The GS is the only British compact is the SUV in the middle-class market segment. It’s look is a trendy mix that combines sporty elegance with sharp, smooth body lines and swooping flowing shapes.
Unlike other SUVs in the middle-class segment, the MG GS is powered by a 2.0l turbo engine and delivers astonishing 220 horse powers. Achieving the 0-100km/h acceleration within 8 seconds; the GS’s performance will be able to rival that of many luxury models, so that it will bring about a new “high-performance” driving experience onto SUV customers. With an All -Wheel Drive and a 4 differential locks systems, combined with a platform dedicated specifically for SUV vehicles, this complete package represents a major asset to the end customers. Leaving the driver the ability to completely surpass a 2.5l engine performance and approach that of 3.0l. Earn loyalty points on your purchase of MG GS Car.

Manoeuvrability Perfect manoeuvtability means a pleasant driving experience.

  • 220HP.
  • MGE2.0TGI direct-injection turbo-charged engine +TST 6-speed wet dual clutch transmission.
  • Intelligent Star-Stop cutting fuel consumption system.

Safety Safety control brings free and easy driving experience.

  • FSF high-tensile steel integrated lightweight body structure (high-tensile steel plates up to 74%).
  • Fifteen-in-one active safety electronic stability system.
  • All-round six SRS airbags.
  • Reverse camera with dynamic guideline.

Control Leading manufacturing process ensures driving reliability.

  • Intellignent All-wheel Drive system.
  • High-precision electric power steering system.
  • SSA platform - professional SUV platform.
  • Front enhanced MacPherson independent suspension / Rear multi-link type independent suspension.

Design Inspiring design dedicated to ultra-chic and dazzling style.

  • “Diamond-cut Flow” design.
  • “Faceted Flow” car body design.
  • SHARD projection type Xenon headlamps.
  • LED combination tail lamps.
  • Diamond-cut 18-inch double-color aluminum alloy hubs.