MG 550 Product Details

MG 550, a high performance intermediate salon.

MG550, a high performance intermediate saloon, with its digitally intelligent functions, stylish design and high-tech configuration stands out from the crowd, grabbing the extensive attention of the market and consumers. The D5 is a full time digitally intelligent saloon concept that is loaded with advanced technology for powertrain management, the information display and the interactive on-board entertainment system, providing drivers with unparalleled driving pleasure and style.

550 1.8 L

  • Full time digital upgrade.
  • Our control system has re-defined user interface customisation.
  • Nine intelligent functions are neatly packaged to put control system customisation at your fingertips. You are in total control. Customise the system to your taste and show your true style. The active intelligent vehicle interface system has revolutionised the digital vehicle control system. It is you who is in control of your driving pleasure with this extraordinary vehicle.

Finding out who you are

  • Be who you are and what you want to be. This is what the digital technology is all about. Our ground-breaking instrument panel design is a natural extension of the modern and attractive styling of the saloon. It is part of our tireless pursuit to create a car that sets you apart from the crowd. iDesk customisable user interface.
  • A new era has begun. Now it is you who is in control. Through the window outside the car you can see nature’s masterpieces passing by. But with the user interface inside the car you can create a masterpiece of your own to reflect your taste and your style.
  • Silverstone full-time digital cluster.
  • The digital cluster is inspired by the UK Silverstone circuit. The red background lighting gives the cluster a vibrant and dynamic look. All vital vehicle information is presented clearly. The interior finish is exquisite and decidedly British with its traditional yet modern charm. This is a perfect marriage between traditional workmanship and modern day materials, creating exquisite quality. Getting into this extraordinary saloon is easy. But once inside you won’t be in a hurry to leave.
  • Image/photo management system that supports direct download.
  • Low wind-resistance, dolphin style roofline design.
  • Flying V shaped double wing chrome grille design.
  • Vertical flame taillights.
  • Double front jewel headlights.
  • European-style high shoulder line design.
  • 17 inch precision alloy wheels.
  • Sporty cascade centre stack control panel.
  • Z-shape curved parking brake handle.

How to be at the cutting-edge

  • The interactive multimedia system now has a more individual identity. The all-new system represents the future of on-board multimedia systems. Both its form and content will appeal to your senses. RMI digital interactive multimedia system/multifunction video/audio digital entertainment system. The MG550 is first in bringing you the expandable RMI digital multimedia interactive system that delivers video and audio entertainment on the road. The system comes with a 6.5--inch display and a USB port to connect with your own digital equipment, expanding your digital world into the passenger compartment, with audio-visual entertainment on the road.
  • Syn-Tech digital personalised upgrade module.
  • London is the fashion capital of the world. With Syn-Tech, the MG550 can keep you fully up-to-date on what’s in and what’s hot. Syn-Tech can also upgrade the vehicle control modules, update engine management parameters and control modules, and improve engine efficiency and output. In addition, the system can upgrade the multimedia entertainment system. Your experience with the vehicle will keep moving to the next level.
  • Bluetooth hands-free technology.
  • Full video screen rear parking sensor (V-PDC).
  • Climate-Tech, the intelligent dual-zone climate control system.
  • Multifunction leather-wrapped steering wheel.
  • Anti-UV energy efficient tinted glass.
  • Intelligent rain sensors.
  • Speed sensitive wipers.
  • Heated, wide-angle door mirrors.

How to be a pioneer

118 kw, 215 Nm, 205 km/h, even a higher frequency or velocity. These figures don’t just represent performance. With digital control, there’ no limit to what you can do.

Dual-Bus intelligent vehicle control system.

While others are still excited about the CAN-Bus system, the MG550 has already been equipped with the next generation of Dual-Bus intelligent digital vehicle management systems for a long time. These are based on, and are one step ahead of the CAN/LIN system. The system integrates all the control functions of the vehicle and greatly enhances the reliability of data transfer. It promotes an all-new dynamic, stable operating concept. It has reached a new level in the user interface.

Kavachi 1.8T all aluminium turbo-charged engine is more stable, more reliable and more powerful. It’s a safe bet that it’ll turbo-charge your driving experience.

Under the bonnet is the 1.8DVVT all aluminium high output engine using DVVT technology, capable of continuously adjusting the air intake and exhaust independently, achieving 10% more power, and 5% less fuel consumption. Such unparalleled performance figures are sure to leave competitors far behind. The MG550 firmly embraces the core values of British cars. The endless pursuit of power and control, with the MG550 the future is in your hands.

  • Press-to-go intelligent one button start function.
  • AW 5AT Tip-Tronic intelligent automatic transmission.
  • F1 paddle shift on the steering wheel.
  • Race car inspired four wheel independent suspension tuned for city driving.
  • W- rated, 270 km/h top speed, low profile tyres.

How to find peace of mind

720 degree all around active and passive safety features.

The SCS-II nine-function, integrated safety system represents the highest level of control. Every second of every moment in the car is actually under your strict control.

Intelligent chassis system

The SCS-II nine-function, integrated safety system incorporates EBA Electronic Brake Assist system, BDC intelligent automatic Brake Disc Cleaning system, TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, ABS Anti-lock Brakes System, CBC Corner Brake Control system, EBD Electronic Brake power Distribution system, MSR acceleration anti-skid system, TCS Traction Control System, and VSC Vehicle Stability Control system. They all interact so that your journeys are safe and carefree.

Reinforced USD body/ Six SRS airbags.

The MG550 has been awarded a five star safety rating. With the reinforced USD body, six SRS airbags, safety belt pretensioner and restraint limiter, the MG550 offers you full time protection in a split second in the event of an accident.

The MG550 also features the pedestrian protection system based on the Euro standard. Harmony does not just end on the car, it extends to every inch of the road you cover.

  • C-NCAP 5 star safety rating.
  • SCS-II 9-in-one intelligent active safety system.
  • TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.
  • EBA Electronic Brake Assist system.
  • BDC automatic intelligent Brake Disc Cleaning system.
  • Oversized front and rear ventilated brake discs.
  • Euro standard pedestrian protection system.
  • Euro-TC1(Thatcham CAT 1) anti-theft system.